Paper: ACM IWVSSN (2006) on “Unsupervised Analysis of Activity Sequences Using Event Motifs”

  • R. Hamid, S. Maddi, A. Bobick, I. Essa. “Unsupervised Analysis of Activity Sequences Using Event Motifs”, In proceedings of 4th ACM International Workshop on Video Surveillance and Sensor Networks (in conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2006).


We present an unsupervised framework to discover characterizations of everyday human activities, and demonstrate how such representations can be used to extract points of interest in event-streams. We begin with the usage of Suffix Trees as an efficient activity-representation to analyze the global structural information of activities, using their local event statistics over the entire continuum of their temporal resolution. Exploiting this representation, we discover characterizing event-subsequences and present their usage in an ensemble-based framework for activity classification. Finally, we propose a method to automatically detect subsequences of events that are locally atypical in a structural sense. Results over extensive data-sets, collected from multiple sensor-rich environments are presented, to show the competence and scalability of the proposed framework.

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