How to contact me?

Executive Assistant (at GA Tech):

  • Sharon Hamilton, EA and Administrative Manager, College of Computing.
    Email: Phone: +1-404-894-6768. Office: CCB 360C.
    Has full access to my email and calendar at Georgia Tech. Contact for scheduling and other administrative issues.
  • Shelli Hatcher, Program & Operations Manager. Machine Learning Center at GA Tech (ML@GT)
    Email: Phone: +1-404-385-0805. Office: CODA 1181A.
    For issues related to the ML@GT.

Email (Best and HIGHLY Preferred Method):

Email Address: ude.hcetag@emantsrif for GA Tech-related business.

  • My GA Tech EA (see above) has full access to my GA Tech email (and calendar). If you want to send me a private email, please use my personal email address.
  • I review emails regularly. But remember, email is NOT an active form of communication. Don’t expect responses in a few minutes. Usually, expect a response within 24 hours to a few days.
  • Short emails (in text) are likely to get a quicker response. Attachments are less likely to be opened, sorry.
  • I read all emails, though thanks to SPAM, some (well, many) are missed. If a response is needed for something that has not been received, please resend it.


The phone numbers for my office are listed on the card above. When you call it, you will hear a message telling you to send me an email, I suggest you do that. You already have my mobile/cell phone number if we work together.


My FAX # at GA Tech is +1-404-385-4509. Please make sure to put my name on the cover page.


GA Tech ON Campus Office:

My office is in the CODA building on the GA Tech Campus (See campus map). I am in the Machine Learning Neighborhood on the 11th floor, Office #1103. To get into the building, you will need a Georgia Tech Buzzcard or sign in as a visitor at the building lobby unless you have made a prior appointment to visit.

Coda Building
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The address for CODA is

756 West Peachtree Street, 11th Floor
Atlanta GA 30308

GA Tech Mailing Address (Courier Mail/Fed Ex/UPS/Etc)

Georgia Tech – Machine Learning
Professor Irfan Essa – 4048946856
756 West Peachtree Street, 11th Floor
Atlanta GA 30308


Irfan Essa
College of Computing, Room 314
801 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280