Invited Speaker at CVPR 2020 Workshop on “AI for Content Creation”

Honored to have been invited to speak at the inaugural workshop at CVPR 2020 on “AI for Content Creation.” As CVPR 2020 went online, so did this workshop. I gave a talk on “AI (CV/ML) for Content Creation”. More information on the workshop is

The AI for Content Creation workshop (AICCW) at CVPR 2020 brings together researchers in computer vision, machine learning, and AI. Content creation has several important applications ranging from virtual reality, videography, gaming, and even retail and advertising. The recent progress of deep learning and machine learning techniques allowed to turn hours of manual, painstaking content creation work into minutes or seconds of automated work. For instance, generative adversarial networks (GANs) have been used to produce photorealistic images of items such as shoes, bags, and other articles of clothing, interior/industrial design, and even computer games’ scenes. Neural networks can create impressive and accurate slow-motion sequences from videos captured at standard frame rates, thus side-stepping the need for specialized and expensive hardware. Style transfer algorithms can convincingly render the content of one image with the style of another, offering unique opportunities for generating additional and more diverse training data—in addition to creating awe-inspiring, artistic images. Learned priors can also be combined with explicit geometric constraints, allowing for realistic and visually pleasing solutions to traditional problems such as novel view synthesis, in particular for the more complex cases of view extrapolation.


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