Online (and Free) Course on Computational Photography via Coursera

Check out the Computational Photography | Coursera Course I am working on now.

This course is aimed at teaching you the basics of how computation has impacted the entire workflow of photography, from how images are captured, manipulated and collaborated on and shared. At the core of it photography means, drawing with light and how light can be captured to form images/videos. In this class you will learn about how the optics, and the sensor within a camera are generalized, as well as the lighting and other aspects of the environment are generalized to capture novel images. We will also cover post and preprocessing techniques to manipulate and improve images. Finally, we will consider the power of the web and the Internet for both analyzing and sharing images, as well as the impact of mobile smartphone cameras. This class builds on concepts from well known disciplines like computer vision, computer graphics, and image processing. Look forward to your participation in this class.

via Computational Photography | Coursera

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