Paper in CVPR (2010): "Player Localization Using Multiple Static Cameras for Sports Visualization"

Raffay Hamid, Ram Krishan Kumar, Matthias Grundmann, Kihwan Kim, Irfan Essa, Jessica Hodgins (2010), “Player Localization Using Multiple Static Cameras for Sports Visualization” In Proceedings of IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR), San Francisco, CA, USA, June 2010 [PDF][Website][DOI][Video (Youtube)].


We present a novel approach for robust localization of multiple people observed using multiple cameras. We usethis location information to generate sports visualizations,which include displaying a virtual offside line in soccer games, and showing players’ positions and motion patterns.Our main contribution is the modeling and analysis for the problem of fusing corresponding players’ positional informationas finding minimum weight K-length cycles in complete K-partite graphs. To this end, we use a dynamic programmingbased approach that varies over a continuum of being maximally to minimally greedy in terms of the numberof paths explored at each iteration. We present an end-to-end sports visualization framework that employs our proposed algorithm-class. We demonstrate the robustness of our framework by testing it on 60; 000 frames of soccerfootage captured over 5 different illumination conditions, play types, and team attire.

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