AT IWCV 2012: "Videos Understanding: Extracting Content and Context from Video."

Videos Understanding: Extracting Content and Context from Video.

(Presentation at the International Workshop on Computer Vision 2012, Ortigia, Siracusa, Sicily, May 22-24, 2012.)
Irfan Essa


In this talk, I will describe various efforts aimed at extracting context and content from video. I will highlight some of our recent work in extracting spatio-temporal features and the related saliency information from the video, which can be used to detect and localize regions of interest in video. Then I will describe approaches that use structured and unstructured representations to recognize the complex and extended-time actions.  I will also discuss the need for unsupervised activity discovery, and detection of anomalous activities from videos. I will show a variety of examples, which will include online videos, mobile videos, surveillance and home monitoring video, and sports videos. Finally, I will pose a series of questions and make observations about how we need to extend our current paradigms of video understanding to go beyond local spatio-temporal features, and standard time-series and bag of words models.

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