Dagstuhl Workshop 2015: "Modeling and Simulation of Sport Games, Sport Movements, and Adaptations to Training"

Participated in the Dagstuhl Workshop on “Modeling and Simulation of Sports Games, Sport Movements, and Adaptations to Training” at the Dagstuhl Castle, September 13  – 16, 2015.


Picture of the Participants
Workshop Participants

Computational modeling and simulation are essential to analyze human motion and interaction in sports science. Applications range from game analysis, issues in training science like training load-adaptation relationship, motor control & learning, to biomechanical analysis. The motivation of this seminar is to enable an interdisciplinary exchange between sports and computer scientists to advance modeling and simulation technologies in selected fields of applications: sport games, sport movements and adaptations to training. In addition, contributions to the epistemic basics of modeling and simulation are welcome.

Source: Schloss Dagstuhl : Seminar Homepage
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