Excellent Computer Vision Paper Award by Google Research for 2012

Our following paper was awarded one of the “Excellent Papers” by Google Research for 2012.

Matthias Grundmann, Vivek Kwatra, Daniel Castro, Irfan Essa: Calibration-Free Rolling Shutter Removal. In: IEEE Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP), IEEE Computer Society, 2012.

This time we honor the influential papers authored or co-authored by Googlers covering all of 2012 — covering roughly 6% of our total publications.  It’s tough choosing, so we may have left out some important papers.  So, do see the publications list to review the complete group.

Calibration-Free Rolling Shutter Removal

Matthias Grundmann*, Vivek Kwatra*, Daniel Castro, Irfan Essa*, International Conference on Computational Photography ’12. Best paper.

Mobile phones and current generation DSLR’s, contain an electronic rolling shutter, capturing each frame one row of pixels at a time. Consequently, if the camera moves during capture, it will cause image distortions ranging from shear to wobbly distortions. We propose a calibration-free solution based on a novel parametric mixture model to correct these rolling shutter distortions in videos that enables real-time rolling shutter rectification as part of YouTube’s video stabilizer.


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